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Around 30 years ago, as children, we always looked forward to our summer holidays from school. Once a year, our destination was Posadas, Misiones (Argentina), to visit our grandmother.
Our beloved grandmother always waited for us at her home in Coronel Alvarez, with an ear-to-ear grin and a plate of delicious sunny-side-ups, no matter the time of the day we arrived.
Seeing her face always led to a pleasant feeling, seeing her little embossed freckles, one on each cheek, which always entertained us while being held in her arms.
During the afternoons, we followed the countryside customs and brought some chairs to our grandma’s sidewalk to have some mate and play hopscotch. After playing for some time on the streets, we took a shower and got all pretty to tag along her to the artisans’ fair in the main square. She was like a superstar there! Everyone knew who she was and they all greeted her with a warm smile and firm handshake. Nevertheless, we also used to get compliments on our cuteness :relajado:
She was a full-time Artisan. She used to make rag-dolls, teddies, wooden toys, or any other material she had handy. She sewn them, and glued their eyes and noses on.
Those were such poignant times… So inspiring.
To my beloved grandma Chibe,
You are the light that guides us towards fulfilling your dream of brightening up souls and warming hearts.
Now, your memory will not only remain with us. It will also reach every person who meets our Fur Buddies. They will all have a little piece of your dream in their hands. That granny warmth that you used to give to us, along with the sweet experience of a loving childhood.

Awesome Products
Awesome Products
Our mission is to provide warmth though a friendly character to whom our children would build a strong loving bond.
Best Quality
Best Quality
Fur Buddies are introduced as an innovation to the current market, in which these types of toys are not easily found.
Cute Models
Cute Models
We craft our products with the cutest stuffed toys in the market and use top-notch filling and seeds (and also, a great bunch of love) for their insides ❤️️

What are Fur Buddies?

Fur Buddies are heatable and/or cool-able toys which you can place in the microwave or freezer to either heat or cool them to a soothing temperature. 

They are filled with all-natural wheat seeds and dried lavender. Lavender has been known for its floral scent and attractive purple color. People have used it since the Medieval Times to aromatize perfumes, soaps, and other recipes around the world. 

Apart from its lovely fragrance and appearance, lavender also has a long history as regards medical matters. It was recognized for its ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. In fact, one of the main benefits of lavender is that it can provide calm without sedation. 

More recently, the use of this plant has increased in the management of symptoms of anxiety and also has many other benefits, such as:

  • Improving our mood
  • Lowering our heart rate
  • Regulating our breathing
  • Ameliorating our sleeping quality